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CITYSUN lighting

In order to achieve high quality innovative industrial products, CooLight benefited from all the skills and resources of Its innovative research center for technical development, electronics, optics and design.

Innovation in the photovoltaic domain of LED cooling, thermal dissipation, optimization of lighting management, has been the result of a collaborative process of various skills within the company.

All of this experience on the field (with more than 200 facilities references to date) associated with a technology watch and rigor realization make solar products of CooLight a technological reference in the field of LED power lighting.

CITYSUN solar pannels

The CiTYSUN product line addresses the problems of remote areas where no electricity exists: the fast and safe installation requires no connection to the grid.

The CiTYSUN includes a LED lighting system and a powerful optical design, a long-lifetime battery and solar cells sufficient to light a road, a service zone, or an area to secure as recommended by the CE 13201 standard.

The CiTYSUN luminaires allow possible uniformity In the Illumination with an unmatched reliability In the source for both lighting projects of residential areas and sites under strict security constraints or high performance on isolated sites.

Thanks to the proven technology of matrix LED lighting for more than 7 years, the performance and light distribution on the Illuminated area Is maximal with a Color Rendering Index above 92. Different optics are available for interdistances up to 50m and in compliance with EN 13201 standard where glare levels are compliants and light pollution doesn't exists.

Each luminaire Is adjustable according to geodesic coordinates, the desired type of lighting, the photometric shape target and the specified autonomy. The CiTYSUN models are available with or without the pole corresponding to three photometric shapes for optimal variation of road types.


Luminaire specification

CITYSUN Luminaire Specification

Luminaire specification

CITYSUN Luminaire Specification
CITYSUN warranty

Battery specification


It is important to choose the right technology for your project.
Both battery technologies offered by CooLight are optimized for efficiency with the Lumina card.
When choosing a technology for you project consider the tolling steps:

  1. 1) Define the project's functional requirements
  2. 2) Determine site specific lighting-level requirements
  3. 3) Select lighting and power system

Each power system will be specially tailored for maximum efficiency.

CITYSUN battery gel
CITYSUN battery bi-polar


ER38 Optics: wide road, low-range height

CITYSUN photometry ER38 optics

ER45 Optics: wide road, mid-range height

CITYSUN photometry ER45 optics

ER55 Optics: narrow road, high-range height

CITYSUN photometry ER55 optics

ER38 Optics : Road 6m - Interdistance 22m - Height 5m

CITYSUN photometry ER38 optics

ER45 Optics : Road 6m - Interdistance 22m - Height 5m

CITYSUN photometry ER45 optics

ER55 Optics : Road 7m - Interdistance 21 m - Height 7m

CITYSUN photometry ER55 optics

ER55 Optics : Road 6m- Interdistance 50m - Height 10m

CITYSUN photometry ER55 optics


  • Energy capture / Optimization of restitution and storage
  • Intelligent management of the light source (Software Strategy and sensor)
  • Remote management on communication network (RF and IP), allowing the management and the global supervision of the network


  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) solar energy capture: optimizes the overall efficiency of the solar pane (Maximum Power Point Tracker)
  • Optimized battery cells energy transfer (High Performance MOSFET Bridge)
  • Battery charge optimization for a longer lifespan
  • DCDC LED Drivers with a high efficient BUCK / BOOST architecture
  • VARILUX software strategy (light Intensity management)
  • System management with embedded processor
  • RF communication module / Communication Protocol :
    • Real-time monitoring of functional parameters
    • Remote control (local or IP network)
  • Global smart strategy and energy dynamic managements : storage /restitution energy optimization
CITYSUN optimisation Varisun

Battery specification

CITYSUN battery specification CITYSUN battery specification

Functional description

Controller specification

It is designed with a real-time embedded system, It provides a strategic self-management of solar street lighting system:

  • RF monitoring and complete management(system and battery) / Strategic Management
  • MPPT management (Maximum Power Point Tracker): solar panels yield optimization
  • Optimization of the battery charge: configurable load profile
  • Control Software (EP CONTROL): user programmable dimmable lighting
  • Protection against overload and discharge, electronic short circuits
CITYSUN controller specification
Lumina card

Lumina card


The VARISUN charging system protects the battery by significantly optimizing the regulation of charging and discharging.

The algorithm of self-adaptive state of charge allows optimal battery maintenance and real-time power control panel.

Integrating VARISUN strategy optimizes the lighting functions with unprecedented efficiency in the required time periods.

Software control

CITYSUN Software control

Load control function

CITYSUN Load control function

Table of power variation month / month in 4 time slots

CITYSUN power variation
CITYSUN annual cost

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